Ramblings: MCQs on Imaging Informatics from an Imaging Technologist’s Perspective

I embarked on a mini-project a few weeks back, developing a set of Mulitple Choice Questions (MCQs) for an academia friend of mine (from the Indian Medical University that I am working with).

As the intended audience are Imaging Technologists, I wrote about 45 questions, aimed at enforcing the basic concepts of medical imaging informatics. While working on the MCQs, I also wrote a few for PACS Administrators but forced myself to stop as I don’t have the time to complete it (the Core Body of Knowledge is too wide) but I’ll definitely embark on the pet project once discussions with the relevant organisations are firmed (so there are motivation for me to complete them).

In the meantime, I’m going to make these MCQs available if you are requesting it for a relevant purpose (e.g. an educational institute), subjected to agreement with my academia friend of course.

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