ACR, ARRS to integrate organizations

I guess the recent merger faze in the medical imaging business has caught on with the relevant professional society (not that its not beneficial) .

Both executive committees / governing boards of American College of Radiology (ACR) and American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) have agreed in principle to integrate while maintaining traditions and cultures of each (maybe different chapters under the same organisational umbrella).

Results of the integration will see the following changes

  • Educational missions of both ARRS and ACR will be integrated
  • ARRS will be developing and delivering scientific and educational programs for members of ACR and ARRS
  • ACR will take the lead in the areas of government advocacy, economics and health policy, quality and safety and clinical research

ACR and ARRS hopes that with this expansion, they would be able to enhance  services  for respective members and devote resources to new programs to help meet needs of radiologists and medical physicists nationally and internationally.

How when will this merger take place? Well, the proposal will be presented to the ARRS membership in April for consideration, if approved, the new framework will take effect July 1.

Not a bad idea if you ask me, there are simply too many professional societies out there with huge overlapping ‘mission and vision’, although mergers are no guarantees for success, it might prove beneficial for their member’s pocket (there are many of us who spend a small fortune” yearly maintaining our list of professional memberships)

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