Ramblings: The opportunities for Healthcare IT in Asia……

As an advocate of effective applied informatics in healthcare for the Asia region, it might sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet when I keep saying the The potential for Healthcare Informatics is colossal and the growth is right here in Asia Pacific but over the years, its pretty evident that I’m correct (well, along with the other thousand others who are now singing the same tune).

In my day job, I work as a Product Manager covering Cardiology Informatics (I’m also involved with Radiology, Orthopedic and Enterprise IT segments) for Asia and part of my job includes (among many many other things) conducting technical product training for our sales representative (internal as well as authorize dealers).

The most recent trainings I’ve conducted includes;

  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines

In addition, I’ve got China lined up next, personally, I see the regional role as a huge advantage as I get to interact with people working at the ground level at each of these countries and get first hand knowledge of the ongoing as well as opportunities to educate / share my knowledge.

As part of my training, I (almost) always have to include a 2 hour overview session on the basics of medical imaging informatics where I cover the concept of RIS, PACS, DICOM, HL7, IHE and workflow (I know 2 hours is a little short but its only an overview). Touching on the topic of education in healthcare informatics, I was recently approached by a rather renown Medical University in India to help develop the curriculum of an upcoming post graduate program (still in the midst of discussion, there are many more initiatives but I will keep them undisclosed until things firms up) and in all honesty, I feel very honored because it has always been my career goal to teach (hopefully in university) when I retire 🙂

In addition, I realize that I should spend more effort on binaryhealthCare.com because working on it on a leisure basis has yield so much success, imagine what will happen if I dedicated more time towards it.

Of course, its not going to be a solo effort and I am in process of initiating some collaborative partnerships (although my first attempt came back and told me to wait till April (he has no ideas how many commercial and branding opportunities has flew away for him, maybe I’ll drop him another email later this week).

And for those reading this, if you are interested in joining me in advocating healthcare informatics, please contact me, regardless if you are an individual working in a hospital, vendor, research, academic, consulting, training or an organization (commercial or not-for profit), I’m sure we can work out a win-win situation with either http://www.binaryhealthCare.com or http://www.DoYouCHIU.asia

For those who have contact me before, I’ll approach you formally once I got my plans sorted out (but feel free to email again if you want to). This year will be a year of change, lets make it work 🙂

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