Ramblings: My first post for the new year

I guess I am slightly behind schedule for my first post in the new year but rest assured, I am not taking a break from binaryHealthCare.com

On the contrary, 2009 is the ‘year of change’ for binaryHealthCare ! (more to be shared in the days to come, stay tuned 🙂 )

So why have I not made a blog entry till now? Well, as with every other January, I’m caught up with the usual managerial planning plus travel in my day job but its all good.

Offline (out of cyber space) , I have made plans, establish contacts and also work on CHIU (www.DoYouCHIU.asia) and in my day job, I have taken up more responsibilities in the technical and strategic marketing aspect in addition to my current role.

So rest assured folks (and I appreciate all the emails from you guys), I’m still around and have plans to take binaryHealthCare, CHIU and the overall mission of raising the awareness and adoption of Healthcare Informatics in Asia to a higher level.

Would it be easy – No.
Will I be (very very) busy – Yes.
Am I still going to do it – Oh Ya 🙂

Stay tune folks, and remember, you can be part of this initiative.

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