OnePacs Offers Free PACS

Its either the festive mood or the business ‘game plan’ of Radiology PACS  are changing (well, the players have increased several-folds over the years).

So who is the latest ‘vendor turn charity’? Well its OnePacs and they have  released a fully functional, free version of their Web-enabled PACS.

The system is designed to function either as a standalone PACS or as a tool to integrate studies from disparate PACS or multiple facilities into a single centrally managed Web-deployed worklist. The free basic version will encourage potential customers to try the system at no risk, allowing them to see tangible benefits from OnePacs”.

So how will the company sustain? Well, OnePACS hopes that offering a free  PACS will lead prospective clients to take advantage of their competitively priced value-added services, such as permanent study archiving, support systems, multi-facility worklist integration, and teleradiology applications.

Sounds familiar? Well it seems to be the ‘business plans’ of all free PACS offering I have encountered by far (and they are really popular in Asia)

Interested in trying OnePACS out? Get the free version from their official Web site –

Note: I am not affiliated with OnePACS in any manner and I cannot guarantee that the free version is definitely available. I remember posting about a free DICOM CD/DVD viewer (back in August) which I too submitted a request for a copy but I didn’t even get a reply, least to say any free viewer.


  1. Adam Chee says:

    A pleasent suprise came in my mailbox, an email from OnePACS assuring that the offer is for real and even invited me to ‘test run’ it 🙂

    Nice customer service if you ask me.

  2. Adam Chee says:

    I guess I spoke too soon.
    After accepting their offer to ‘trial run’ their PACS, I received no further communciation from them.

    Guess they are too busy to be entertaining me 🙂

  3. Reo says:

    Sounds similar to my experience. I tried to speak with someone about their commercial offering for one week. I called everyday. They employ an answering service for their sales line. I found someone’s name quoted in a magazine article and called him directly. He said that he’d have someone call me but I never heard from them. I’d steer clear of this garage operation.

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