Ramblings: John Quinn, CTO of HL7 International @ Singapore

Earlier today, I attended a networking event organized by HL7 Singapore.

The event stated off with an information sharing session by the CTO of HL7 International – Mr John Quinn. Personally, I  find this particular session extremely useful as it diverts from the usual “what is HL7 and why you should implement it” (it gets abit boring after hearing the same message since 2002), instead, John shared abit on the organizational structure and how things operate at their HQ (its somewhat like any typical volunteer run organisation with little funding… like binaryHealthCare !)

In addition John also shared on some of the partnership, how HL7 developers (vendors & end-users) can ready themselves to work with HL7 v3, CDA, evolving HL7 standards and HL7 development roadmap. It was in all extremely enlightening and educational.

The second part was the networking session over tea. The event was attended by about 25 professional from the industry, mostly from the local hospital’s IT department. While  I am glad to see many familiar faces, I am more delighted to see many unfamiliar ones as this means the adoption of HL7 is on the rise in Singapore 🙂

In all, I am glad that I took the time off to attend the event. It was in my humble opnion – time well spend.

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