Barco Debuts Clinical Review Displays

So what is new after Barco sold off their advanced visualization business (Voxar) to Toshiba? What exactly did they tout at RSNA?

Well, I was not there to see it firsthand but off the web, it seems that Barco showcased a brand-new family of clinical review displays – the MDRC, which looks to provide a budget-friendly quality visualization solution for a wide spectrum of applications throughout hospitals, imaging centers and private practices.

The MDRC series is touted by Barco as the answer to the increasing demand for visualizing DICOM-compliant images and patient information beyond the radiology department and comes in two variants:

  • A 20-inch color screen with 2 MegaPixel resolution (MDRC-2120)
  • A 19-inch color version with 1 MegaPixel resolution (MDRC-1119), which can optionally be fitted with a touch screen interface.

Interestingly, I was fortunate enough to gain a first hand look at the MDRC-1119 (non touch screen) back in July, interestingly, I was informed by the local Business Development Manager that this series of monitors were inspired by the Asia market (I’ve put it up in several cardiology tenders across the region since then).

Do check out these new monitors, I personally think that they are value for money 🙂

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