Fujifilm acquires Empiric Systems

“Fujifilm Medical Systems has acquired 100 percent of Empiric Systems’ stock, making it a wholly owned Fujifilm subsidiary. The announcement was made in conjunction with the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.”

So Fujiflm has now officially a RIS offering:)

In November 2007, the companies announced a formal reseller agreement, under which Fujifilm would offer and support both its Synapse PACS and the Morrisville, N.C.-based Empiric’s Encompass.NET RIS. Since then, the Stanford, Conn.-based Fujifilm said the two web-based applications have been combined and the integrated solution, with a single sign-on and single graphical user interface for the radiologist and clinician, has been deployed at hospitals, imaging centers and health networks across the United States.

I think Fujifilm is gearing into the right direction with these strategic acquisitions, with a complete radiology and cardiology imaging offering (although the level of integration, features robustness and scalability remains unseen), they are actually in a good position for the small – mid size market, couple with their CR offerings, imaging centers might be a good target too.

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