Ramblings: RSNA 2008 and a vacation that never took place

An ex-colleague send me a text message earlier on to find out if I am at RSNA.

For the record – No, I’m not attending RSNA this year. Yes, its all exciting and where everything is happening at the moment I’m right here in Singapore, advocating the importance of healthcare informatics 🙂

And I am dead tired. I am supposed to be on leave (25th Nov – 7th Dec) but I’ve been pulling double-shift over the last few days (official work on the weekday, family work on the weekends). Its ironic because I took the leave to rest (to prevent a burnt-out) but in compliance to Murphy’s law, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

The good news however, is that my baby sitter is on leave from tomorrow till the end of the week, while this does not result in any rest on my end, it does almost guarantee in me being unable to partake in any work related emergency (hey, I’m on leave! Remember?) so someone might just realise that they have to stop throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) over to me (just because I can handle it) 🙂

I think for 2009, I should down play my trophy list a little, I need the personal hours for binaryhealthcare (and perharps to start on my PhD or MBA).

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