OsiriX and Merge Mobile for iPhone

Technology innovation excites me and today, the excitement is OsiriX for iPhone as well as Merge Mobile (also for the iPhone).

Before I start, I must make a disclaimer, I do not use the iPhone (I use a Dopod running Windows Mobile 6) but the inner techie in me thinks that the iPhone is very cool 🙂

Firstly, OsiriX for iPhone has arrived is now available for purchase from here.

Key features of OsiriX for iPhone includes

  • Display and browsing through large sets of images through an interactive slider
  • Zoom, Pan and rotation of the images through two-fingers drag and pinch
  • Contrast and intensity adjustment of image window and level through single finger drag
  • Rapid switch between image series through single finger screen “swipe”
  • Reset to image default size and setting through double tap
  • Measurement of object sizes using a line measurement tool that can be set and adjusted by two fingers
  • Measurement of image content data using a circular region of interest tool that can be drawn and moved with two fingers
  • Fully DICOM compliant Listener (hmmmm, interesting)
  • Preference setting for user DICOM communication settings
  • Access to desktop database through web-based portal for retrieving image data
  • Built-in help (duh….)

And for Merge, I didn’t manage to get much information for the website but there is a demo clip here.

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