Ramblings: House

Before I start, I must put a disclaimer – I am not affiliated nor paid to endorse what I’m about to write in this post.

I’ve spend my afternoon watching “House” (in addition to performing some minor house repairs) and why and I blogging about this? Because I think the show is very educational on the medical aspects of things.

For those who are not aware, I don’t usually watch TV. I was introduced to “House” back in my previous job by my staff (a biomedical engineer by training) on how educational this TV series is and recently, by an existing colleague. When the opportunity came, I bought the DVDs for season 1 -4 (I understand that season 5 is currently being aired).

So what are my (humble) verdicts? Well, I’ve only watch 5 episode of season 1 and I must say it has improved my understanding of how certain things work in a (US) hospital, even though I’ve personally worked in a radiology department for 4.5 years. It has definitely imparted some knowledge to me and I hope that by the end of watching season 4, I would have gained more. 

For the interested, check out the official website here.

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