Ramblings: I’m in Hanoi, Vietnam

I’m in Vietnam now but PHEW, what a week it has been for me back in Thailand. I had an average of 2.5 meetings every day with (different) hospitals, both public and private and numerous meetings with local distributors and telephone conferences with colleagues throughout Asia.

Just another week at work? Not really. But is it motivational? Oh yeah. Why? Well because of the ongoing adoption of healthcare informatics in the region to improve patient care.

Thailand is not new to the concept and benefits of implementing digital modalities, PACS, HIS, EMR and telemedicine, the introduction of radiology informatics back in the last 5-10 years had driven healthcare informatics adoption (mainly in the private sector) as medical tourism took a rise in Thailand.

Of course, there are still a (huge) need to raise the awareness and knowledge level on the subject in Thailand and I hope to utilise both binaryhealthcare and CHIU to achieve that.

Excited to join me in this exciting journey? Think about it.

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