Ramblings: I’m awarded the Top Health Blogger status

I’ve been awarded the Top Health Blogger status by Wellsphere and I must say I’m pretty honored.

So what is Wellsphere? Well its an online community focused on helping millions of people live healthier, happier lives by connecting them with the knowledge, people and tools they need to manage and improve their health and to achieve that, Wellsphere build the largest and highest quality network of the web’s leading health writers – Websphere’s HealthBlogger Network,

The HealthBlogger Netowork is one of the Highest-Quality, Fastest-Growing, Largest Health Blogger Network consisting of a highly selective group of the leading minds in medicine, brave patients who daringly share their stories of struggle and survival, and healthy living professionals helping people live healthier everyday.

To be admitted to the network requires one to be a “caring, knowledgeable, an excellent writer, and passionate about helping others.”. It really made my day just reading that criteria because a quick review on the existing members includes some very well respected healthcare informatics bloggers.

In addition, I got a nice badge to reflect my new-found status. Industry evangelism does have its perks eh 🙂

Top Health Blogger - Wellsphere

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