Ramblings: A little PACS history

I’m sure all you imaging informatics enthusiasts are familiar with Dr David Clunie’s blog so I’m not going to waste your time introducing him, I’m a personal fan of David (take some time at his web portal, you will understand why).

But this post today is not to ‘declare my love’ for David, rather, its about one of his recent blog post title ” A little PACS history“. It seems that David is starting a pet project to retrace the history of PACS – starting with an RFP document dated 28 March 1990 which present a good “snapshot” of features is available in the military specification for the MDIS (Medical Diagnostic Image Support) system.

The MDIS later became the Siemens Gammasonics, Lockheed Martin, Loral and finally GE PACS – the precursor of the first “Centricity PACS”. You can find a link to a scanned, OCR’d copy of the MDIS RFP at David Clunie’s blog entry.

I personally think that this is a great initiative and I urge all readers with similar ‘historical’ documents to help David in his pet project by sending it to him. After-all, we are in a very noble profession and I reckon we should at least know when this great revolution started (in greater details 🙂 )

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