Dell, Intel, Motion Computing join for healthcare IT app

This is good news, in fact, I’m rather excited about it.

Dell, Intel and Motion Computing (which is Intel) have jointly launched a new service to assess, design and validate the quality and coverage of wireless networks for healthcare information workflow.

As rambled before, this is what you get when you have the IT giants entering the healthcare informatics arena – accelerating the proper utilisation of effective computing and cutting edge technology 🙂

“The new Mobile Point of Care (MPOC) Wireless Assessment service enables healthcare customers to assess whether their wireless network is reliable and can provide 100 percent coverage and 24/7 access to patient information. The service provides wired and wireless network analysis, design and validation”

It was also forecast that by 2010, 80 percent of hospitals are expected to have a wireless network and with patient care on the line, it’s critical that hospitals have highly reliable wireless networks, hence the reason for this joint venture. MPOC Wireless Assessment service is a customizable network design and implementation that can include:

  • Site survey and radio frequency (RF) analysis: RF spectrum analysis and detection tools discover interference on existing networks while a physical evaluation of the facility evaluates issues that could adversely affect network performance;
  • Wireless network design: Network modeling and tools are used to develop network design architecture, enabling the construction and placement of wireless network components; and
  • Network validation: Once deployed, an analysis can be performed on the wireless network and a report is provided for future growth and maintenance needs.

I reckon CISCO has something up their shelves, time to do some research.

Dell’s official press release can be found here.

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