AHRQ issues new health IT funding opportunities

Good news folks, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has published three new health IT-related funding opportunity designed to offer applicants the opportunity to receive incremental support for the conduct of progressively more complex health IT research projects, the opportunities includes; 

  • Career Development and Dissertation Research Grants that support and enhance expertise in health IT, research and evaluation methods.
  • Small Research Grant to Improve Healthcare Quality through Health IT that supports different types of small research studies including small pilot and feasibility or self-contained health IT research projects; secondary data analysis of health IT research; and economic (prospective or retrospective) analyses of health IT implementation.

  • Exploratory and Developmental Grant to Improve Health Care Quality through Health IT, which supports the conduct of short-term preparatory, pilot or feasibility studies that are needed to inform future health IT implementations, such as the conduct of a health IT research demonstration grant.
  • Utilizing Health IT to Improve Health Care Quality Grant, which supports demonstration research grants that rigorously study health IT implementation and use to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare in ambulatory settings and in the transitions between care settings.

Interested? Surf on to http://healthit.ahrq.gov for more details 🙂

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