Read More, Click Less

“Read More, Click Less”, that seems to sum up the goals of an effective PACS implementation, in fact, the first sentence of the original article reads “When it comes to PACS, there can be too much of a good thing”. I’m going to have to agree with that 🙂

The original article of “Read More, Click Less” discuss about modern PACS being are pack with “more buttons, more toolbars, more mouse clicks, and more ways to communicate, consult, and report” and all those powerful features can be cumbersome to the end user, slowing down workflow in an environment where high patient volume is paramount, the trick to attaining effectiveness is to creating more intuitive ways to utilize those features, so that radiologists can diagnose more and click less.

This is accomplished by;

  • Saving Clicks (effective GUI design)
  • Intelligent Worklist
  • Beyond Hanging Protocols 
  • Time-saving Communications (Unified communications)
  • Going Click-less (Mouse alternatives gadgets)

It is an excellent article (well done Tor Valenza) and I recommend one to spend some time reading it, especially if there is a need to evaluate the ‘soft’ aspects of using a PACS.

The original article can be found here.

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