Ramblings: Do You CHIU?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to CHIU – Committee of Healthcare Informatics User for the Asia region.

Aimed at representing Physicians, Paramedical Professionals (including Nurses, Radiographers, Cardiology Technicians etc) IT professionals, Biomedical Engineers and professionals in related disciplines, CHIU’s mission statement is to ‘raise the bar’ in the adoption and implementation of Healthcare Informatics through active intellectual participation, collaboration as well as the promotion of knowledge exchange and ongoing vendor neutral educational activities of our members via its online platform.

Well, one may wonder what CHIU has to do with binaryHealthCare.com. For starters, we are the official contributing partner (web master, content contributor and editor etc) and most importantly, the concept of CHIU was co-developed with us (we even registered the domain name – www.DoYouCHIU.Asia ).

CHIU is in the preparation stage and will be launched officially in Oct 2008, at the 17th Asean Congress of Cardiology, if you are interested to be part of this initiative, contact Adam now 🙂

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