PACS powers productivity improvements

“One of the primary cost justifications for implementing a PACS is the expectation that its deployment will result in a productivity increase for the clinical specialty. A five-year retrospective analysis conducted at one of the largest academic hospitals in the United Kingdom and published in the July issue of Clinical Radiology, delivers hard data affirming this contention.”

Seriously, how much more ‘proof’ and ‘studies’ are needed to confirm the facts and obvious? It has been proved time and again that effective PACS implementation brings benefits so why not spend the time and money doing research / studies in how to further improve these benefits?

Anyway, the study results revealed that since PACS and digital dictation was introduced at St. George’s Hospital in London, “reporting times have decreased by between 27 percent and 36 percent (depending on the modality) and our productivity (measured as number of films reported per whole-time equivalent radiologist) has increased by 18 percent”

The article boost of more statistics but I reckon its only so many time you can talk about “PACS brings benefits”, seriously, lets move on to the next lap.

Read the original article here.

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