Ramblings: Updates to the 23rd Singapore Malaysia Radiographers Conference

Phew,  what a conference!

The 23rd SMRC started with a big bang and ended with a loud round of applause, this came as no surprise as the occasion also celebrates the 50th anniversary (Golden Jubilee) of the Singapore Society of Radiographers.

The entire event kick-started on the 5th Sep with the Gala Dinner (which was graced by his Excellency – President S.R. Nathan of Singapore) saw many attendees (there’s 34 tables so I reckon at least 340 partecipants, excluding the organising committee) including distinguished radiographers, academia scholars and radiologist from the region, many in key decision making position.

The actual conference started in the morning of the 6th and ended in the afternoon of the 7th Sep. In view of the conference’s theme: “Our Vision Today, Reality Tomorrow”, I took the opportunity to present a theme paper entitled “Medical Imaging Informatics, Who Owns the Enterprise PACS?”, which examines the roles radiographers will perform in regards to medical imaging informatics in the near future. To my pleasant delight, Mr Robert George, President of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologist (ISRRT) actually approached me after the conference to share his experience and thoughts (he agrees with me on the whole), it actually made my day. Thanks Robert.

In all, I reckon the entire event was done nicely, the oral papers presented were of relatively high standards (and as usual, I learned a great deal from it) and the delegates from Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and India actually made it more interesting as the opinions and experience share are rather priceless.

In addition, I did noticed two things, the executive committee of the Singapore Society of Radiographers are rather young in comparison to those in similar capacity from other countries radiographer’s society and the number of radiographers with higher degrees (Masters) have actually increased over the years. (Food for thought eh)

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