Patients left untreated in U.K. hospital due to new Cerner IT system

This is not the best news one can get regarding Healthcare Informatics project, in fact, it really is one of the worst.

According to Computer Weekly, dozens of patients at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust in London went untreated for at least six months after the hospital introduced new Cerner IT systems under the NHS’ £12.7 billion ($23.83 billion) National Program for IT

It seems that the staff at Barnet and Chase was unaware of the problem for up to five months because they could not produce monthly information on patients, who had been waiting too long for treatment following the roll-out.

“Cerner said in an official statement that “any program of this size and complexity takes time, and inevitably there will be issues that need to be worked through”

Well, while I agree on the statement above, I don’t think its justifiable to have patients being left untreated for six months.

More on this news here.

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