User Group: Soft Launch of SSR’s Imaging Charter’s webpage

Alright, this has been on hold for quite a while.

Although the President of SSR – Michael Ong has yet to officially announce the launch of the Charter (well, he’s a busy man), I reckon there’s no harm doing a soft (and silent) launch so here goes;

SSR’s Imaging Informatics Charter Page.

Granted the url is a little long but one can always go to or and access it (the link from SSR will come in due course).

So what are some of the plans? Well, from the feedback I gathered from both vendors and users, the most pressing thing is the education of imaging informatics.

“Vendors?” you might ask, well, not the traditional RIS/PACS vendors but rather the IT companies that are looking at entering the Healthcare Informatics, like Hitachi (Storage), IBM (Servers & Storage), even Dell!

The only ‘bad’ news is these will have to wait till the 23rd Singapore Malaysia Radiographer’s Conference(SMRC) is over (cause everyone in SSR is busy with that), for those interested, I’d be presenting a theme paper, titled “MEDICAL IMAGING INFORMATICS, WHO OWNS THE ENTERPRISE PACS?”.

Interested? Then register for the 23rd SMRC now!

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