Philips enters handheld ultrasound market

“Royal Philips Electronics has launched its handheld ultrasound system, the Philips CX50 CompactXtreme, for cardiologists to obtain diagnostic data bedside.”

Well, Philips, welcome to the world of handheld ultrasounds 🙂

Supporting adult transthoracic and transesophageal cardiology applications, the CX50 CompactXtreme features its PureWave transducer, which can improve penetration in difficult-to-image patients, reducing clutter, in addition, it also features Philips’s XRES adaptive image processing for reduced speckle and haze inherent with ultrasound imaging.

Of course, being a heldheld unit, the CX50 has both wired and wireless DICOM capabilities.

Now here’s the ‘icing’, all the advanced quantification of the IE33 is also available on CX50! Also, as the unit is fully software based, allowing extreme ease in upgrade for new software iterations to cater for new capabilities and new transducers.

Interested in the price? Well check out the original article here.

Personally, I think we have a winner here 🙂

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