Ramblings: Visit to Sun Microsystem

I made a trip to Sun Microsystem (Singapore) yesterday and thought I blog about it.

Firstly, I must admit that in my entire career, I have never really bothered with the offerings from Sun and that is mainly due to the fact that I worked mostly on Microsoft’s suite of Operating Systems. Yes, I meddled with Mandrake, Suse and of course – Red Hat but its not really the same.

So why the ‘sudden change’? Well, Sun is promoting their Wintel Servers and I was invited for a little educational session to understand and review the possibility of deploying them in my solutions.

In all honestly, their Wintel range of servers look impressive (can’t say for sure in a real deployment but it sure looks goof on paper), as they call it, “it offers more with less” – well, basically more memory, NIC etc etc with less real estate and power consumption (which is important – Green IT).

Am I going to deploy their servers? Maybe, as long as my R&D folks can ‘validate’ it and my customers (across Asia) say ‘OK’, I don’t see why not.

What really benefited me was the short but great introduction to the capabilities of Solaris 10, I’d never had bother to read about Solaris if not for the visit and I’m really glad I did.

In all, it was a great trip (I really like the ‘lecture room’, they model it like a movie theater. Seriously.

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