Ramblings: Health Level Seven (Singapore) – Huge Disappointment

Its approaching a month since the official launch of the HL7 Singapore Chapter, while my employer has signed up for corporate membership, I personally am very disappointed at the lack of progress from the local chapter.

Aimed at promoting HL7 as the standard of choice for our industry, the local chapter’s website has pretty much remained the same – showing the launch event invitation, except with an indication that the event is over.

Yup, you got it right, It provides no useful information or rather no information at all (I am rather disappointed), to make things worst, It provides no contact details except an email for the launch event, attempts to make contact/feedback via this email address proved impossible (I tried 2 times with an interval of 2 weeks in between), the email simply bounce.

However, I did receive 2 emails (from the same address) asking me to join as a member.

What can I say, my personal opinion is that the local chapter is rather lacking in terms of commitment, given that this is a start, its even more alarming (wheres the initial enthusiasm?

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