Compressing Images for Remote Transmission

This is an interesting piece that talks about increasing compression ratio for medical images in order to streamline its transmission.

According to Eliot Siegel, MD, professor and vice chair of information systems, University of Maryland Department of Diagnostic Radiology, and director of imaging at VA Maryland Healthcare Systems, there is “an increasing mismatch between our clinical image production and our storage and network capacity and bandwidth.”

We Dr. Siegel, you can say that again.

The compression ratio affects many aspect of medical imaging, in addition to network transmission, ever growing storage needs, theres also the hot topic of WAN transmission for Tele-Radiology. While the article discuss about IBM’s initiative to apply digital video compression on CT studies, reading it brings memories to the much touted ABO technology by MatrixView, whatever happened to them?

Ah well, do read the original article here, there’s also a basic introduction to lossless and lossy compression.

Enjoy 🙂

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