LUMEDX Introduces Updated Cardiology PACS

I chanced upon this this little sales advert on

It goes like this,

“LUMEDX Corporation, Oakland Calif., has introduced the latest version of its cardiology PACS software, called CardioPACS 5.0.

The multi-modality, Web-enabled and vendor-neutral CardioPACS 5.0 was designed to better manage images and data with a fully integrated, customizable suite of applications, modules and interfaces.

In addition to offering real-time review of images from any network-connected PC, CardioPACS 5.0 can be integrated with other systems, such as other PACS, EMR, and HIS. Other features include on-demand workstations capable of imaging for multiple clinical areas, advanced, integrated analysis tools such as left ventricle angiography analysis and intravascular ultrasound analysis, high-speed access achieved through MPEG4 compression algorithms, clinical data integration capability, and single sign-on to multiple applications.”

Can someone tell me what is new in the text above? I seriously don’t see anything innovate or exciting?

Am I missing something? Do advise me if I am.

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