Imaging informatics offers key to reshaping radiology’s future

This is a though provoking article that discuss the (good and bad) impact of IT in the medical imaging arena.

“With potential professional threats seeming to lurk around every corner, radiologists can expect medical imaging informatics to serve as their best defense from now until the year 2015. That was the message of Dr. Eliot Siegel’s Moreton Lecture at the 2008 American College of Radiology meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference in Washington, DC”

“There’s going to be a game change in lots of different ways,” Siegel told Diagnostic Imaging. “Are we going to have all of our records on Google by 2015? No, but in seven years, IT is going to have a major impact on the way that we think of patients’ electronic medical records and the way we think about radiology.”

Thanks for pointing that our Dr Siegal, I echo that all the time and having you said the same thing, adds weight to the facts at hand.

The original article goes on to discuss how radiologists can strengthen their control of their specialty with the help of IT in at least three key areas. If interested, do read it up here

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