Ramblings: Most sought after content – Microsoft, Google, Dental Informatics and OsiriX

Dear all,

I did a quick analysis of the traffic to binaryHealthCare.com to see what sort of keywords are used, what contents are most frequently referenced and with great pleasure , I present to you – the top 3 topics of binaryHealthCare.com;

  1. Micosoft and Google’s entrant to Healthcare Informatics
  2. Dental Informatics (mostly Dental PACS)
  3. OsiriX

The last part – OsiriX, kinda pickup only after Apple claims its technology could make medical imaging more affordable and I was also surprised at the number of queries I get pertaining to OsiriX (the next one is IT Certifications, followed by PACS Administration experience).

Now I’m no expert with OsiriX, there are many out there who are really good with it but I’m not one of them. However, I did try to help promote OsiriX.

I email to Apple (a gentleman by the name of Bob) after they posted a comment here in binaryHealthCare.com, offering to help (provided it does not conflict with my professional work) promote awareness and raising the knowledge for the community as I find it very motivational to know that Apple is following closely on the user community on the area of medical imaging informatics.

Sad to say, despite a followup with Apple, I didn’t get any response. So much for trying to help.

Still, one fine day, if I reckon I got too much cash at hand, I’d go pick up an Apple Laptop, install OsiriX and have it placed in a radiology department to seriously test it out.

One fine day mates, one fine day 🙂

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  1. Healthday says:

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