Ramblings: 23rd Singapore Malaysia Radiographers Conference

The 23rd Singapore Malaysia Radiographers Conference (SMRC) is of great importance as this year is Singapore Society of Radiographers’s (SSR) Golden Jubilee year.

That’s right, SSR is celeberating their 50th anniversity with a big bang *drums rolling* – The Guest of Honor is no other than the President of Singapore – President S.R. Nathan.

And no, I am not a Radiographer, part of SSR’s initiatve includes promotion of Medical Imaging Informatics in Singapore (and the region) as an enabler for better patient care, hence the reason why I am involved.

One important message though, SSR is in need of sponsors for their series of events (including SMRC), so if you are interested in increasing your company’s brand awareness through these prestigious events (how often do see President S R Nathan as the Guest of Honor?), do drop me an email.

A quick intro to SSR

Constituted on 11 September 1958, the Singapore Society of Radiographers (SSR) is the professional society representing Radiographers and Radiation Therapists in Singapore.

More information on SSR can be obtained at www.ssr.org.sg


  1. santosh says:

    i want update information on conference

  2. Adam Chee says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure what sort of “update information” you want exactly? Why don’t you drop me an email with some specific questions in mind?

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