New device provides e-mail ECG service

I like ECG units, because I’m on my way to becoming an ECG Technician (the motivation is to enhance my cardiology knowledge) and no, I’m not an expert on ECG yet (in fact, I’ve a long way to go).

Anyway, “recent advancements in electrocardiogram recording and encryption allow digital storage and secure e-mail transmission, reducing report turnaround time by two to three weeks”

Now, as a regional cardiology informatics product manager (of the leading cardiology informatics solution provider), I do have an ECG management system in my suite of offerings (in fact, we are doing a major beta testing for the new release right here in Singapore) and while I’ve seen ECG units transmit by networks (even wireless), email is new to me.

Granted that the concept is not that difficult to implement, in this case, a “One PC-based recorder developed in Scotland provides a 12-lead ECG in an encrypted file sufficiently small to be transmitted easily by e-mail. A 30-second recording results in a file of only about 50 KB (J Telemed Telecare 2008;14:219-220).”

Before I continue, the article is pointing to Tele-ECG without an ECG management system (yes, it makes sense now). I personally think its a good idea, why? well its cheaper to implement then a full-fledge ECG management system for small remote sites that really need it.

Read more about it here. Enjoy “)

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