Updates: Health Level Seven (Singapore) Launch Event

I attended the official launch of the HL7 (Singapore) yesterday morning at the college of medicine and thought I write alittle about it.

Firstly, I’m glad its finally here. For those who didn’t know, I actually wanted to help start a local HL7 chapter 2 years ago. I contacted the local Standards board as they have a workgroup on HIT standards (the original idea was to help out in that workgroup) and they told me that they are going to start a local HL7 chapter which I offered to help. The result was dead silence (and previous emails goes to show that they are quite clueless in the area of HIT standards).

So that was my feeble attempt to help start a chapter, I suspect its because I wanted to participate on an individual basis and was deem insignificant as I’m not riding on the back of any major organisation, ah well. such is life.

Anyway, back to the topic.

There’s actually local newspaper coverage on the event (read here), while the geese of the message is on the development of a National electronic health record system to be in place by 2010 (pretty ambitious given that’s its only 2 years away), the direction is clear.

Other than the great initiative, it was a great networking event, I almost forgot that I know alot of people in the Healthcare IT world of Singapore (plus the food was good)

The only dilemma I have now is deciding if I want to join yet another professional society just to support a cause since I’ve already join a dozen with the same focus…. maybe I should find a sponsor to pay me for being an Healthcare IT Evangelist 🙂

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