Ramblings: ECG/EKG Technician Course

Someone asked me (this morning) about the ECG course I said I’d take at the beginning of the year ( I blog about it here) so I thought I’ll blog about it again.

I’ve not officially started because I changed my mind on the provider (I reckon I found a better course) and have only registered (and made payment) earlier this week.

I realised that if I had started  back in Jan, I would be a certified ECG/EKG Technician by now.

Still, all is not lost, it has been a busy year for me and while its not going to get any better, I did managed to finish my Master of Science (just waiting for my testamur and transcript to be posted), hence it may be a blessing in disguise that I actually had to put it off for six months.

Of course, the next natural question (knowing me) is what course would I do after I complete the ECG course., well, I’m still trying to decided if its going to be another Master of Science (in another field of interest) or an MBA or even embark on a PhD, fact is, its all dependant on the resources (time and money) available.

Maybe I’ll just stick to playing with my daughter 🙂

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