Fujifilm introduces breast imaging diagnostic workstation

Mammogaphy is a biggie in the world of medical imaging and Fujifilm knows it.

Accordingly to healthimaging.com, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA has introduced the breast imaging diagnostic workstation, which is currently available for any U.S. facility that has implemented full field digital mammography.

Granted that the workstation is being introduced specifically to complement Fujifilm’s CR for mammography solution (whats new) and is designed to be a supplement to any facility’s existing PACS (makes sense), and meet the market need for more clinically and operationally advanced systems to support breast imaging.

The workstation will support CAD, MQSA overlays and provides Fujifilm’s patented reading protocol technology, the functionality is not limited to breast imaging and the workstation can be completely integrated with all other radiology systems, including any mammography specific reporting systems, RIS and PACS.

Nice one Fuji, nice one.

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