Google-based search tool mines RIS data

As Douglas correctly pointed out:

“Radiology text and image data account for a significant portion of patient electronic medical record information in hospital archives, yet few means exist to aid radiologists in extracting relevant information from these databases.

Granted that there are Teaching PACS and MIRC (Medical Imaging Resource Center, see here), there are so much potential lying in the archives of medical imaging information systems (like RIS, CVIS and PACS etc) simply because its very difficult to get the data of interest with ease.

Apply Google’s search enginee into the world of Data Mining for Radiology and you will get Radsearch, an open source Google-like interface wih Google’s core search technologies to perform the data mining for RIS.

“This tool is different from methods we’ve used to search our RIS in the past. It lets the user skip the step of first creating a custom-designed SQL query, a step that took considerable time and expense because our information systems staff was needed to perform it”

Now this is precisely what Radiologist have been asking for years – intelligent “free text” searches, I reckon this will speed up research in the Radiology arena by years, now all they have to do is extend this to other medical discipline. 🙂

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  1. This peer-reviewed Radiology search engine ( might be of special interest. It seems to be the most comprehensive so far (by critics). The user can do multiple different searches such as:

    – Semantic (relational ) search
    – Search refinements help to specify search
    – Search within Radiology journals
    – All other peer-reviewed scientific journals
    – Images ( searching over 174,000 radiology images from 228 journals )
    – Radiology cases
    – Radiology teaching files
    – Radiological and other books
    – Radiology lectures
    – Videos (about procedures etc. )
    – Anatomy and Atlases
    – Veterinary Radiology
    – Radiological vendors and products
    – Latest news (general Radiology and subspecialty-specific )
    – Latest publications from most Radiology journals (last 7 days )
    – Quick access to almost all Radiology journals
    – Quick access to all Radiology societies
    – Search within Radiology societies and associations
    – CME opportunities
    – General search (not peer-reviewed ) like Google search
    – Customization of search (create your own search engine )
    – Multiple export functions to adapt to the user’s needs
    – Import search engine into your own website (see below )
    – And much more…

    Easy implementation of the search engine into your own website is also possible.
    By the way, Radiology Search was awarded and presented at multiple international Radiology meetings (RSNA, ARRS, ECR etc.)

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