Apple to launch iPhone 3G with medical imaging capabilities

Apple plans to launch its iPhone 3G July 11, with add-on applications offering medical imaging capabilities. 

Apple has plans to offer 2 medical imaging applications for the new iPhone 3G (due for launch in the 11th Jul in the US). The company believes the iPhone’s “multi-touch interface” will be suitable for medical imaging as it is data intensive and requires considerable user interaction.

According to Apple, there are two medical applications slated for the iPhone 3G;

  1. MiMVista – used by doctors who need to access patient’s body scan (e.g. MRI scans) and video when the are out and about outside of the office or hospital. The doctor can even manipulate the images on the iPhone using the touch sensitive screen,
  2. Modality – used by medical students and teachers so that they can access various medical information directly to thier iPhone. It might be that the medical student needs to access specific information about the human body. Modality allows them to zoom into details of a body part for much clearer details.

Check out this video on youtube on an actual demo on MiMVista and Modality.

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