Zonare releases upgraded ultrasound platform

I like Zonare. While I cannot comment on the clinical quality of their images (but feedback from clinicains have so far been ok).

I blog about Zonare back in 22th December 2007 so is a good followup – Zonare Medical Systems released new upgrades for its z.one ultrasound system at the 2008 Society for Vascular Surgery annual meeting.

Performance highlighted includes;

  • Their virtual apex array format for a wider field of view on all linear transducers, allowing clinicians to view more anatomy and pathology information on a wide range of patient types.
  • A new full-screen, live-imaging display, which enables physicians to view exams by using the entire 19-inch display area on the z.one ultra system
  • DICOM Structured Reporting for Vascular Exams (allowing for automatic transfer of calculation results to a PACS reporting solution)
  • A new multi-transducer port, which allows clinicians to choose between three different transducers that are connected to the system simultaneously, this shortened patient exam times because there is significantly less time involved in changing out transducers

The last point really caught my attention. it makes perfect sense (provided no image quality is compromised) 🙂

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