Global group creates framework to regulate teleradiology

 Establishing uniform standards for clinical teleradiology seems like the next logical step in the world of Radiology but boy this step has sure been long.

Good news is, an international network of radiology organizations (including the American College of Radiology, RSNA, European Society of Radiology, and World Health Organization, among other organizations)has drafted guidelines (titled the “Top 10 Principles of International Clinical Teleradiology”)

According to Dr. Lawrence Lau, chair of the network- it took the International Clinical Teleradiology Standards Workgroup 3 years to review the literature and agree on broad standards as many parties are involved.

To quote Dr Lau – “These principles have no teeth at all, they are not related to payment whatsoever, but over time one would expect that the payer will say to (teleradiology) providers ‘you must follow certain requirements’.”

The first step is always the hardest, now lets hope the journey towards a regulated TeleRadiology framework doesn’t take 30 years. With this, I’d like to recommend an article I wrote – Moving on to Teleradiology, it touches on  the potential of TeleRadiology in Asia Pacific, addressing its drivers and barriers towards a successful implementation (and yes, I did touch on regulatory framework) 🙂

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