Apple claims its technology could make medical imaging more affordable

Its no big secret that Apple has been actively promoting OsiriX but it seems that Apple has taken their next step into the world of Medical Imaging Informatics

Roger Katen, MD, a radiologist, imaging specialist, and principal of The Katen Consulting Group, wrote a white paper on behalf of for Apple, the white paper titled “Transforming the medical imaging workflow“, describes “how Apple technology can make full-featured medical diagnostic imaging affordable”

I took a quick glance at the white paper and while I think its a good read for anyone not familiar with medical imaging informatics, there are some really “glaring errors”, or rather, mis-portray of facts, for example,

“Processing, viewing and interacting with the high-spec image data has traditionally required an investment in a DICOM viewer provided by the imaging vendor. Apple said that these systems are typically Microsoft Windows-based workstations, which can cost upwards of $50,000”

I was quite amused to read that at this age and time, the average price of any imaging PACS’s diagnostic review station can come near that price.  Seriously, its no where even remotely near that figure (and mind you, its in US dollars)

Granted that Apple’s Mac systems coupled with the OsiriX can offer a cheap alternative for diagnostic review station (I have even seem facilitates use Eflim) but a medical imaging PACS has more than just review stations.

Still, its a good read and OsiriX is a good application but unless Apple starts playing the game correctly by providing a total solution (including takes up the ongoing development as well as responsibilities of the application) then maybe it isn;t going to join the ranks of Microsoft, IBM or Google in being the ‘New Big Entrants’ of Healthcare Informatics.



  1. Apple Paper says:

    Hello Adam,

    I think that the author is saying that 3D workstations by Vital Images, GE , and Terarecon can cost $50,000 and above.The author is not saying a Diagnostic Review station hardware cost is $50,000.

    Many of the functions of these workstations can be supplanted by OsiriX on Apple Hardware. More and more plug-ins are being written to provide workflow solutions, previously found only on high-end workstations.

    I agree that Apple needs to provide more of a total solution.


  2. Adam Chee says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for clarifying the part on the 3D workstations, while I agree that 3rd party quantification tools cost a fair bit (and most of them are worth the money), the cost of up to USD$50,000 is still abit on the high end (but I’m not ruling out the remote possibilities).

    Keep Apple innovating on this area and we’ll see something that will change the way things work for 3D 🙂


  3. Adam Chee says:

    Mate, I reckon those in the chart are listed selling price and not reflective of the actual transaction pricing

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