Bill Gates to sign off at Microsoft

That’s right, Bill Gates is retiring from Microsoft and spend his time guiding the world’s richest philanthropy – the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

While Bill will still be Microsoft’s chairman and largest shareholder, Friday was his last day as a full-time worker at Microsoft, marking the unofficial end of his career, running the world’s largest software company.


Updates: Health Level Seven (Singapore) Launch Event

I attended the official launch of the HL7 (Singapore) yesterday morning at the college of medicine and thought I write alittle about it.

Firstly, I’m glad its finally here. For those who didn’t know, I actually wanted to help start a local HL7 chapter 2 years ago. I contacted the local Standards board as they have a workgroup on HIT standards (the original idea was to help out in that workgroup) and they told me that they are going to start a local HL7 chapter which I offered to help. The result was dead silence (and previous emails goes to show that they are quite clueless in the area of HIT standards).


Ramblings: ECG/EKG Technician Course

Someone asked me (this morning) about the ECG course I said I’d take at the beginning of the year ( I blog about it here) so I thought I’ll blog about it again.

I’ve not officially started because I changed my mind on the provider (I reckon I found a better course) and have only registered (and made payment) earlier this week.

I realised that if I had started  back in Jan, I would be a certified ECG/EKG Technician by now.

Still, all is not lost, it has been a busy year for me and while its not going to get any better, I did managed to finish my Master of Science (just waiting for my testamur and transcript to be posted), hence it may be a blessing in disguise that I actually had to put it off for six months.

Of course, the next natural question (knowing me) is what course would I do after I complete the ECG course., well, I’m still trying to decided if its going to be another Master of Science (in another field of interest) or an MBA or even embark on a PhD, fact is, its all dependant on the resources (time and money) available.

Maybe I’ll just stick to playing with my daughter 🙂

AT&T, Covisint, and Microsoft to Launch eHealth Initiative

Three major technology vendors;

  1. San Antonio-based AT&T
  2. Detroit-based Covisint and
  3. Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft

have combined their services to create a national health information exchange network.

The eHealth information exchange, enabled by Covisint’s On-Demand Healthcare Platform and layered on AT&T’s patented eHealth solutions and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, shares information electronically and in a security-enhanced way across the continuum of care — from patient to provider communities such as HealthVault, health-information exchanges and insurers.

The combined platform offers various clinical applications, including:


Interesting: Philips to collaborate for Saudi Arabia medical training

This in my opnion, very impressive.

“Royal Philips Electronics and the Specialized Academy for Medical Training will work together to provide medical education and training programs for Saudi high school graduates and staff in hospitals and medical centers across Saudi Arabia.”

Starting in October, programs covering medical technology disciplines (e.g. x-ray, ultrasound) and healthcare IT will rolled out with each program consisting of a combination of e-learning modules and practical training. The program will be accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

*sigh* If only my day job is soley on promotion of Healthcare Informatics……

Study validates low-cost analog teleradiology

The best things in life need not necessary cost alot of money, this applies too, to the interesting world of TeleRadiology.

A group iof german researchers have found that a technically simple low-cost teleradiology system is sufficient to provide appropriate treatment of trauma, stroke, and intracerebral hematoma patients, this can potentially translate to a reduction in the rising cost of healthcare.


FDA warns that deaths continue with heart imaging agents

“FDA regulators reported Friday that since October 2007 the agency has received four reports of patients dying after receiving injections of the drug Definity when used in medical imaging of the heart.”

This is not a joke, according to an article from (read more here)

“One patient with congestive heart failure died within five minutes of receiving the drug, according to a FDA report released ahead of an Advisory Committee meeting to be held June 24. In addition, the FDA said it received a report of a patient who had a cardiac arrest within minutes after a Definity injection, however, the patient was revived.”

Some things should never happen. Getting a Heart Attach due to receiving medical care is one of it.

Fujifilm introduces breast imaging diagnostic workstation

Mammogaphy is a biggie in the world of medical imaging and Fujifilm knows it.

Accordingly to, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA has introduced the breast imaging diagnostic workstation, which is currently available for any U.S. facility that has implemented full field digital mammography.

Granted that the workstation is being introduced specifically to complement Fujifilm’s CR for mammography solution (whats new) and is designed to be a supplement to any facility’s existing PACS (makes sense), and meet the market need for more clinically and operationally advanced systems to support breast imaging.


Getting Started with OsiriX

I’ve been getting a fair bit of queries from readers about OsiriX recently and most of them are on how to use OsiriX itself.

There are actually several resources out there on the Internet (including a usergroup in YahooGroups) but I reckon an online tutorial is “worth more than a thousand words”

Apple actually does have an online tutorial on how to use OsiriX here.

This 32-minute, pre-recorded presentation by Dr. Joe Borelli goes through the basic installation, set-up and use of OsiriX. Viewers will be able to download case studies and follow along, at their own pace, throughout the seminar, there is one catch for the case studies – you have to use a Mac 🙂