Ramblings: My hunt for a Healthcare Informatics Master

Just a quick update on my academic pursits (my wife call it my “hobby” since it requires alot of time and money’ but no real commercial ROI).

Now some have queried me on why I want to do another Master degree in Healthcare Informatics and not take the offer of a MBA that my employers are offering when I already have a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Informatics. The answer – I reckon the MBA can wait so I figured I’ll do a ‘top up’ for my Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Informatics.

I have identified some programs of interest in the area of Healthcare Informatics which I have to find the time to explore further (I’ll post more updates on the ‘final selections’ to share the information with anyone who comes across this post).

One particular Amercian University however did leave me an impression I’d never forget. 

Nope its not a good experience, it was a case unprofessionalism where they seriously mess up my application wih their shabby work (I told them that blanky but they just ignored it). 

I will not name the particluar university yet as I am waiting for the University’s ‘complaints department’ to get back to me, if they don’t, they can rest assured that I will do my upmost best to educate all my peers in the global Healthcare Informatics arena on which particular University to avoid. (This particular university is not well known yet… but they will be, after I am done mentioning them in every conference I attend / speak at ).

So do let me know if you intend to pursit higher education in Healthcare Informatics, I can help share on which universities to check out and which particular ones to avoid.



  1. John Murphy says:

    I am a technologist who would like to get involved in Healthcare, am based in Ireland. Could you possibly suggest what I should be looking for in a ICT Healtcare Master?



  2. Adam Chee says:

    Great question John,

    This is a huge discussion that I’ll take offline.

    Will send you an email.


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