Philips ships new version of cardiac image management tool

Ah, the competition in my realm has intenstifed .

Philips Healthcare has begun shipping the new version of its Xcelera multimodality cardiology image management, analysis and reporting solution. The new Xcelera R2.2 is touted as

  • a secure centralized system
  •  addresses efficiency and workflow challenges
  • helps caregivers manage examinations and procedures
  • support for imaging studies and data from cardiac subspecialties including cardiac catheterization and cardiovascular ultrasound, as well as nuclear cardiology, cardiac CT, cardiac MRI and electrophysiology
  • provides access to electrocardiograms (ECGs) from ECG management systems from multiple vendors,

Now this is the part that caught my attention (because my customers are asking for this feature)

  • embedded support for AutoQuant Version 7.0 nuclear cardiology quantification package
  • compatible with existing and forthcoming versions of the Philips Qlab suite of ultrasound quantification tools

While I personally feel that Philips Healthcare is a great company, I reckon that the cardiology informatics suite offered by my company is better 🙂 Cause the touting features are already offered by us years ago… lol


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