Merge Could Face Bankruptcy

This is sad news, Merge Technologies has announced that it may not have the cash to continue operating beyond June 30 and may have to seek bankruptcy protection. I hope that does not happen, many people could lose theu jobs.

“The Milwaukee-based company also announced its first quarter financial results, showing continued losses and reduced revenue. The quarterly net loss totaled $7.8 million, compared with a loss of $9.7 million during the same period last year. Merge now has generated losses from operations during nine consecutive quarters. Its 23 cents per share loss in the first quarter, however, was two cents less than investment analysts expected. Quarterly revenue was $13.7 million, down 14% from the same period a year ago.

Available cash and equivalents at the end of March totaled $8.5 million, compared with $14 million at the end of December. The company also has no credit facility and is entirely dependent on operating cash flow to meet its capital needs.

Merge also announced it has divested its operations in France and China to focus on core businesses. It received no cash proceeds from the divestments. The company’s stock price fell three cents per share, or 8.6%, to 32 cents in morning trading on May 12. “

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  1. Adam Chee says:

    I got this piece from DiMag.

    Merge escapes bankruptcy

    With just weeks of operating capital left, Merge Healthcare announced May 22 a $20 million private placement of senior secured debt and common stock with Merrick RIS. The placement includes $15 million in a senior term note due 2010 secured with 6.8 million shares of common stock as partial consideration, and 14.29 million of common stock at a per share price of $0.35. The market responded initially with a $0.30 bump in the share price to $0.68 before settling to $0.58 by midday. Merge’s brinksmanship did not come cheap. The term note will bear interest at 13% per annum, payable quarterly. The company must prepay the first two interest payments at closing, which is expected June 3.

    Good news for Merge 🙂

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