Ramblings: Yes, I’ve submitted my final papers for my MSc

That’s right, after months of late nights, sacrificed weekends coupled with an ‘insane’ work schedule and a young baby (with her mother), I have managed to pull it through. I have completed the requirements (a research paper) for graduation from my Master of Science in Computing and what a BIG relief that is!

Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll graduate (well, sick twisted things happens) but I’ll find out soon. The official graduation from the university (in UK) is in July 08 so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

“So are I going to do a PhD?”  the short answer to that is ‘No’ 🙂

I did almost embark on a PhD couple of years back when the University of New South Wales (from Australia) started their Singapore Campus (it was a flop and they close the campus down) and the idea have always lingered around but seriously, in view of work, family commitments, I’ll have to restrain my ‘urge’. I might do one in the distant future but for now, I’ve my eyes on another Master degree. No, its not the MBA offered by my boss, I might do an MBA in the near future but not now (I hope he is not mad at me).

So what Master degree am I going to undertake next? Well, I’m in the midst of making a selection (there are so many interesting programmes available) and I reckon I’ll decide soon as I might start the program in Aug 08 (pending negoiations with my spouse…. 🙂 )

But for now, I’m going to take a break, grab a beer and chill out, at least for the weekend. The “rat race” resumes on Tuesday (Next Monday is going to be a public holiday here in Singapore).

Thats all folks, may I get a Distinction for my Master Degree!!!

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