Saskatchewan moves to licence telemedicine consults

It is without doubt that telemedicine is the way to go for various countries, its inevitable, the global growth rate of medical needs simply outpace the number of medical doctors produced (and making them more expensive….)

But with the introduction of IT comes changes in the usual way of things and in this case, the need to ensure that the referring Doctor providing a diagnosis is properly accredited.

Now accreditation is not the same, not all Medical Doctors are made ‘equal’, due to the different culture, needs and education systems, the ‘methodology of Medical Doctors production’ varies somewhat, sometimes, drastically.

Now the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan has decided doctors who counsel or diagnose Saskatchewan patients through video, telephone or the Internet are technically practising medicine in the province and should be licensed in Saskatchewan. This makes perfect sense, is no matter where one is physically located, if one is certified to prat ice in Saskatchewan, then there isn’t really any problem right? 

The college’s council passed a bylaw spelling out new rules governing the practice of so-called telemedicine in Saskatchewan, the rules will take effect as soon as they’re approved by their Health Minister – Don McMorris.

“It usually saves the patients a great deal of challenge, or inconvenience, if they can simply go to a telemedicine centre in Saskatoon when the physician’s in Edmonton, It avoids them having to do all that travel.”

Now the original article rightfully pointed out that telemedicine has the potential to become increasingly important in the field of radiology and that consultations could be done via videoconference.

Interesting to see how things

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