St. Jude, Microsoft partner to integrate implantable device data into PHRs

It is exciting times to be working in Microsoft Health Solutions Group, the software giant is speeding up the development of Healthcare Informatics.

“St. Jude Medical has formed a partnership with the Microsoft Health Solutions Group to research the integration of data from implantable devices with patient-controlled, personal health records (PHRs).

St. Jude and Microsoft will work with physicians to determine the optimal level of integration (between the Patient Care Network and Microsoft HealthVault) that will allow physicians to share device information with their patients, according to the St. Paul, Minn.-based company.

The company said its PCN is a secure internet-based system that collects and displays information from implantable devices, storing data that is captured during implant procedures, in-office follow-up visits with physicians and remote follow-up transmissions in patients’ homes”

Disparate silos of information are all coming together, faster than we might think.

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