Healthcare IT plays key role in curing diseases, researchers say

Ok, this theme has been covered quite a few times by me but it never cease to provide me with motivation and inspiration blogging about it.

Healthcare IT plays key role in curing diseases, researchers say” – so say the researchers, providers, pharmaceutical companies and vendors at the Bio-IT World Conference in Boston.

The story goes like this, transformational medicine – or the study of how to treat diseases based on genetic information – is growing at a rapid rate, the rational is that drugs designed to treat patients according to their genetic makeup are much more effective (which makes perfect sense to me) and for cancer patients and others with life-threatening illnesses, this can be vital.

So what does Healthcare IT have to do with this, well, the role of electronic data exchange was hailed as central to the advances being made in transformational medicine.

What can I say, I am proud to be an Healthcare IT Evangelist. 🙂

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