Innovation outsourcing proposal could change pace of informatics progress

Now this is a good article (well, the message in the article is good).

I’m not going to repost the entire story because I think it would be better to read this entire article on its whole but I’d give a quick breakdown (read all the point forms in sequence to get the essence of the article)

  • Progress in imaging informatics tends to be incremental, one deliberate step at a time. But at least one expert believes change could be measured in much longer strides if corporations outsourced innovation.
  • “There are great ideas out there, but because private inventors often don’t have the financial, legal, or administrative resources to navigate the patent process, the ideas never come to fruition”
  • For instance, an idea for an approach to radiology reporting that is totally different from the manner in which radiologists have created reports for the last 100 years. One feature of his new concept is to provide an alternative input strategy that would allow radiologists to keep 100% of their attention on the image, without ancillary distractions from keyboard, mouse, or microphone
  • A typical U.S. patent application costs $15,000 to $20,000 — and that protects intellectual property only domestically. Plus, it can take three to five years for an application to get through the review process.
  • “In a highly technological field like imaging informatics, by that time the idea can be obsolete”
  • In the end, innovation can be better served by creating an atmosphere for open competition, creativity, and accountability

Ok, you get the idea but do read the original article here.

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