Google launches free, online PHR site

And the competition goes on.

Google has entered the U.S. personal health record (PHR) market with the launch of its Google Health.

The company said it built a secure computer platform separate from its search system to host medical records as part of an emphasis on keeping the health information protected.

“We have put in place the firmest privacy policy we can construct,” said Marissa Mayer, Google vice president of search product and user experience. “It is our highest level of security.”


Ramblings: I’m heading off for another business trip

Yup, in a couple of hours time, I’m going to fly to Malaysia, conduct product training for internal staff before flying off to Thailand to play Project Manager Mentor, Pre-Sales Consultant and Relationship Manager. ‘Tough job’ one might say but I think its very interesting as I get to (continue) participate in the entire sales/technical cycle.

Personally, I would rather go to HIMSS Asia Pacfic ’08 in Hong Kong but I guess someone has to bring in the revenue… 🙂

While I will have access to the Internet during this (2 weeks) long business trip, I’m not sure how often I can blog (there is so much catching up that I don’t even know where to start!

Till then folks 🙂

Ramblings: My hunt for a Healthcare Informatics Master

Just a quick update on my academic pursits (my wife call it my “hobby” since it requires alot of time and money’ but no real commercial ROI).

Now some have queried me on why I want to do another Master degree in Healthcare Informatics and not take the offer of a MBA that my employers are offering when I already have a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Informatics. The answer – I reckon the MBA can wait so I figured I’ll do a ‘top up’ for my Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Informatics.

I have identified some programs of interest in the area of Healthcare Informatics which I have to find the time to explore further (I’ll post more updates on the ‘final selections’ to share the information with anyone who comes across this post).

One particular Amercian University however did leave me an impression I’d never forget. 

Nope its not a good experience, it was a case unprofessionalism where they seriously mess up my application wih their shabby work (I told them that blanky but they just ignored it). 

I will not name the particluar university yet as I am waiting for the University’s ‘complaints department’ to get back to me, if they don’t, they can rest assured that I will do my upmost best to educate all my peers in the global Healthcare Informatics arena on which particular University to avoid. (This particular university is not well known yet… but they will be, after I am done mentioning them in every conference I attend / speak at ).

So do let me know if you intend to pursit higher education in Healthcare Informatics, I can help share on which universities to check out and which particular ones to avoid.


Merge Could Face Bankruptcy

This is sad news, Merge Technologies has announced that it may not have the cash to continue operating beyond June 30 and may have to seek bankruptcy protection. I hope that does not happen, many people could lose theu jobs.

“The Milwaukee-based company also announced its first quarter financial results, showing continued losses and reduced revenue. The quarterly net loss totaled $7.8 million, compared with a loss of $9.7 million during the same period last year. Merge now has generated losses from operations during nine consecutive quarters. Its 23 cents per share loss in the first quarter, however, was two cents less than investment analysts expected. Quarterly revenue was $13.7 million, down 14% from the same period a year ago.


Philips ships new version of cardiac image management tool

Ah, the competition in my realm has intenstifed .

Philips Healthcare has begun shipping the new version of its Xcelera multimodality cardiology image management, analysis and reporting solution. The new Xcelera R2.2 is touted as

  • a secure centralized system
  •  addresses efficiency and workflow challenges
  • helps caregivers manage examinations and procedures
  • support for imaging studies and data from cardiac subspecialties including cardiac catheterization and cardiovascular ultrasound, as well as nuclear cardiology, cardiac CT, cardiac MRI and electrophysiology
  • provides access to electrocardiograms (ECGs) from ECG management systems from multiple vendors,


Cisco assists mobility at the Mayo Clinic

“The Mayo Clinic has deployed Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network and other mobility applications to improve its patient care”

That’s right, a network comprising of more than

  • 3,000 Cisco access points
  • Cisco 4400 Series controllers
  • Cisco Wireless Services Module for the Catalyst 6500


Philips delves further into patient monitoring, critical care with Brazil acquisition

Seems like Philips Healthcare is acquiring fast in all areas of their business with the latest being the Patient Monitoring business unit acquiring Dixtal Biomédica e Tecnologia, a Brazilian manufacturer of in-hospital patient monitoring, anesthesia, ventilation equipment and electrocardiogram (ECG for vital sign measurements..

This purchase will most likely enhance Philips Healthcare its global medical equipment market for critical care.

I reckon its worth keeping our eyes on Philips, I’m sure they have something big planned.

Ramblings: Yes, I’ve submitted my final papers for my MSc

That’s right, after months of late nights, sacrificed weekends coupled with an ‘insane’ work schedule and a young baby (with her mother), I have managed to pull it through. I have completed the requirements (a research paper) for graduation from my Master of Science in Computing and what a BIG relief that is!

Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll graduate (well, sick twisted things happens) but I’ll find out soon. The official graduation from the university (in UK) is in July 08 so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

“So are I going to do a PhD?”  the short answer to that is ‘No’ 🙂


Saskatchewan moves to licence telemedicine consults

It is without doubt that telemedicine is the way to go for various countries, its inevitable, the global growth rate of medical needs simply outpace the number of medical doctors produced (and making them more expensive….)

But with the introduction of IT comes changes in the usual way of things and in this case, the need to ensure that the referring Doctor providing a diagnosis is properly accredited.

Now accreditation is not the same, not all Medical Doctors are made ‘equal’, due to the different culture, needs and education systems, the ‘methodology of Medical Doctors production’ varies somewhat, sometimes, drastically.


Toshiba to build $48M CT development, service centers in Japan

Toshiba Medical Systems – the company that keeps rolling out new “super multi slice CT” intends to build a CT system development and service locations in Otawara, Japan.

Slated to be open for service in early 2009, an estimated USD $47.8 million will go to the construction of the 5 building, which will offer training for doctors and technicians from hospitals that have installed the company’s equipment.

In addition, support functions for overseas call centers will be installed to create a structure that can respond to inquiries from hospitals globally.

Will we see more “super multi slice CT” coming out from Toshiba Medical Systems? I reckon so 🙂