Ramblings: I know I have been ‘quiet’.. but…

First thing first, as some readers have noticed, I’ve sort of ‘slowed down’ in my posting of new content, especially my series of articles (thanks for the support).

I’ve been caught up with work (I know, that’s not an excuse) as well as my Master of Science (yes, I’m still working on it).

However, I do have some good news, my deadline for submitting the MSc project is on the 16th May 2008 (UK time), this means will soon have more time (I’ve already line up some followups for binaryhealthcare.com). the results obtained from my MSc project (Industry Research on Cardiology Informatics in ASEAN) has also proved to be extremely useful and I’m going to write an article based on it.

Now with good news comes bad news. Well, its not exactly that bad actually.
With the promotion where I got an increase of geographical coverage (from ASEAN to ASIA), I reckon I’m going to be extremely busy.

In addition, I had initially planned to do either of the following;

  1. A ‘top up’ MSc in Health Informatics (to ‘top up’ from my Pg Dip in Medical Informatics) – Paid by me
  2. A MBA – Paid by my company

Actually, I had wanted to do a qualification in Marketing as it related to part of my work but my boss ‘sold’ me the idea how an MBA would be much better and that the company would pay for it. Now I’ve not quite decide which to take (although some external circumstances are seriously influencing my decision… but that’s another story for another day)

So in a nutshell, I’ve not forgotten about binaryhealthcare.com and I definitely have lots to write – just no time to type it, sometimes I wish I’m paid to run binaryhealthcare.com – any sponsors? 🙂

That’s all for now!

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